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Michael Betz

Head of Food Technology and Industry Sector Management

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Betz is Head of Food Technology and Industry Sector Management, Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG. Filling, portioning, separating, dosing, forming, co-extruding: the Handtmann Maschinenfabrik supplies filling and portioning systems for food production worldwide. They develop innovative solutions based on portioning technology and hold a leading position today in the portioning system sector for food production.

Floor Buitelaar

Founding Partner

Bright Green Partners

Floor Buitelaar is Founding Partner at Bright Green Partners. Bright Green Partners is a global boutique consultancy, and we help our clients connect the dots in the alternative protein industry. They combine top-tier innovation and strategy consulting expertise with a deep in-house product, technology and market knowledge supported by a large global expert network.

Mark Caddle


Withers & Rogers

Mark Caddle is a Partner and Chartered Trade Mark Attorney at Withers & Rogers LLP, a leading UK and European firm of patent and trademark attorneys. Their jurisdiction extends right across Europe.

Miguel Angelo De Facci de Oliveira

Chief Operating Officer


Miguel Angelo De Facci de Oliveira is the Chief Operating Officer at NOVAMEAT. NOVAMEAT develops cutting‑edge technological solutions to feed the planet’s growing population with the next generation of plant‑based foods in order to overcome the challenges of today’s unsustainable and inefficient animal agriculture industry.

Birgit Dekkers


Rival Foods

Birgit Dekkers is the Co‑Founder of Rival Foods. Rival Foods creates next‑generation plant‑based whole‑cuts with unprecedented size, texture and juiciness. Rival Foods all started during Birgit’s PhD project at Wageningen University in 2014.

Anya Doherty


Food Steps

Anya is founder and CEO of Foodsteps, a technology platform enabling food businesses to measure, reduce and communicate their environmental impacts from farm‑to‑fork.

Adam Elshout

Director Operations


Adam Elshout is an experienced Operations Manager @Ojah. Responsible for a team of 120 people. Ojah is a specialist in High Moisture Extrusion, with an annual volume growth of around 50%. Ojah (founded in 2009) creates plant-based products with a meat-like bite and texture for A-brands, retailers and food service companies around the world.

Tijl Hoefnagels

Venture Partner


Tijl Hoefnagels is Venture Partner at Rubio. He focuses on venture capital impact investing in Food and Agriculture scale and start-ups. Rubio supports promising entrepreneurs, primarily in the Netherlands and NW EU, with growth capital and proven business tools to reach their full potential and enable them to achieve systemic change.

Atze Jan van der Goot

Professor of Protein Structuring and Sustainability

Wageningen University

Solving a social problem with a purely technological technique is the motivation of Atze Jan van der Goot, professor at the Food Process Engineering chair group at Wageningen University & Research. Together with his research team, Atze Jan van der Goot worked for years on the development of shear cell technology.

Vera Kasics

Head of Global Manufacturing


Vera Kasics is the Head of Global Manufacturing at Planted. Planted produces delicious meat from alternative proteins, focusing on the perfect bite. Inspired by nature, the company pioneers a novel biostructuring approach that combines protein structuring and biotechnology.

Adrien Langeard

Head of Business Development


Jacob Linden


Kale United

Jacob Linden is CFO at Kale United. Kale United enable the shift to plant‑based foods through the investment, ownership and management of plant‑based businesses. Kale United’s investments are diversified through a broad spectrum of companies that have scalable solutions for increasing production as well as consumption of plant‑based food.

Carlotte Lucas

Corporate Engagement Manager

The Good Food Institute Europe

Carlotte Lucas is Corporate Engagement Manager at The Good Food Institute Europe, an international NGO helping to build a more sustainable, healthy and just food system by transforming meat production. She works with companies and investors across Europe to accelerate investment and innovation in sustainable proteins.

Henrik Lund


Naturli Foods

Henrik Lund is the CEO at Naturli Foods. Naturli’ is known as pioneers since 1988 within plant-based food options, offering a cross category assortment from dairy to meat, targeting mainstream consumers – Naturli’ is present in 28 markets around the World. Naturli’ was first mover in developing vegan butter, which is made with shea butter and almonds. Naturli’ challenge conventional thinking to stop climate change through what we eat and drink…without sacrificing anything

Georgia Mann


Withers & Rogers

Georgia Mann is an Associate in European and UK Patent Attorney at Withers & Rogers LLP, a leading UK and European firm of patent and trademark attorneys. Their jurisdiction extends right across Europe.

Tali Moed

Data Researcher

Redefine Meat

Tali Moed is a Data Researcher at Redefine Meat, with a specialization in the food tech and healthcare industries. With cutting-edge technology, Redefine Meat have created plant-based ‘New Meat’ that has the same flavor, texture, and versatility as animal meat.

Colin Muir

Sustainable Sourcing Manager Indirect


Colin Muir is the Sustainable Sourcing Manager Indirect at Oatly. Oatly is a company built on the idea of change. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, the Oatly brand is available in more than 20 countries across Europe, North America and Asia.

Matthias Neuner


La Vie

Matthias Neuner is the COO at La Vie. Prior to joining La Vie, Matthias worked for more than 20 years at Nestlé. La Vie are on a mission to make people evolve from animal‑based meat to plant‑based, with a big happy smile on their face. Their patented vegetal fat recipe allows them to create juicy vegetal meat experiences like no other.

Emma Osborne


Citizen Kind

Emma Osborne is CEO at Citizen Kind. Citizen Kind provide strategic advisory and executive search for plant‑based, vegan and sustainable businesses globally. The help passionate professionals use their plant power to make eco, sustainable and vegan businesses bigger, better and more successful.

Sven Pullens


RIP Foods

Sven Pullens is the COO at RIP Foods. RIP Foods was founded in November 2021, to disrupt the animal food system, starting with chicken. They offer a high variety of local and Asian unprocessed, fresh products, the third generation of plant-based meat.

Oliver Schneider

Chief Operating Officer


Oliver Schneider is Chief Operation officer at Perfeggt where they harness the power of plants and cutting-edge technology to crack the egg. They are building the next generation of a caring food system that doesn’t harm the planet, people or animals by creating exceptionally tasty, and nutritious plant-based egg products.

Ian Simkins

Managing Director

Jamax Consulting

Ian Simkins is a specialist food and drink recruiter with over 25 years’ of experience recruiting across Europe for some of the most famous brands in the world, as well as some of the most innovative plant‑based startups. Ian founded and sold Silven recruitment, a UK based specialist food and drink recruiter.

Claire Smith

Chief Investment Officer

Beyond Impact

Claire Smith is a vegan fintech entrepreneur and impact investor who currently splits her time between Ireland and Switzerland. She founded the humane investment platform Beyond Investing and is Chief Investment Officer at Beyond Impact which has a focus on alternatives to protein and other animal‑derived products using foodtech and biotech.

Tilen Travnik


Juicy Marbles

Tilen Travnik is CEO and co‑founder of Juicy Marbles. Juicy Marbles has created the first line of plant‑based, whole cut steaks, specifically Filet Mignon, through their patent‑pending Meat‑o‑matic 9000 with the intent of offering consumers a healthy product without forcing an unrealistic change in behaviour.

Arjen van der Wijk

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Cibus Nexum

Arjen van der Wijk is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Cibus Nexum Founded in 2021, experts of Cibus Nexum work independently to match Retail and Food Brand Companies with the most suitable Food Contract Manufacturers in Europe.

Brad Vanstone



Brad Vanstone is the Founder of Willicroft. Willicroft is an Amsterdam plant‑based cheese producer. They produce planet‑proof cheese for dairy cheese lovers. Inspired by Brad’s families dairy farming roots dating back to 1957, Willicroft was re‑imagined as a plant‑based cheese company in Amsterdam in 2018.

Emil Virag

Contract Manufacturing, Manufacturing Scale-Up, Supply Chain And Operations, Engineering Advisor

Foodanza Inc.

Emil acted as a global supply chain and manufacturing professional for a leading global food company with over 20 years professional experience in the food industry. He worked on building and starting up greenfield and brownfield manufacturing operations in various international markets, developed new technologies in close cooperation with major technology vendors, worked on innovation and new product development and launches under major global power brands, and expanded the company portfolio globally by working on route to markets.

Caroline Zimmer

Managing Director

Simply V (E.V.A. GmbH)

Caroline Zimmer is Managing Director at Simply V (E.V.A. GmbH). Simply V is the first purely plant-based cheese alternative that tastes really delicious and can be used like “normal cheese”.

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