This summit will bring together leading businesses in the plant‑based food and beverage industry with co‑manufactures and innovative equipment and solution providers to explore key challenges and opportunities in effectively scaling up plant‑based production and manufacturing to successfully meet the growing demands of the consumer. This event will facilitate collaboration and partnerships and provide key insights to allow companies to effectively scale upstream and downstream processing, implement innovative technologies and create a flexible and efficient supply chain for plant‑based products.

The event will explore:
  • Scaling up your plant‑based protein supply chain from ingredients to end products.
  • Future proofing your manufacturing capabilities through flexibility, automation and outsourcing.
  • Innovative processing methods, technologies and equipment.
  • Building effective partnerships with external stakeholders across the supply chain.

About Plant-Based Manufacturing

Plant‑based consumption is growing at record levels across Europe, and the market is expected to reach $16.70 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029.

In recent years, consumer demand for plant‑based protein has often outpaced the industry’s supply chain capabilities. Failure to meet industry production targets may ultimately manifest in higher prices for products and limited availability to consumers. Numerous brands are already running into difficulties expanding and scaling production capacity to meet consumer demand.

Partnerships and collaborations will be critical to enable brands to successfully scale their manufacturing and production capacities.

  • Connecting brands with co‑manufacturers who they can outsource all or some areas of their production to.
  • Connecting brands with solution providers who can support the building of new facilities.
  • Connecting brands with each other to foster intra‑brand collaborations.