Sturgeon Ventures

Sturgeon Ventures is a UK FCA Authorised & Regulated Investment Management and Corporate Finance Firm. Also regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission in the USA. Sturgeon Ventures pioneered The Regulatory Incubator as a concept for Financial Services Start ups in the UK and companies moving from overseas to start in the UK To build a regulatory framework around wholesale SMEs start-ups whilst also creating a platform for Emerging Managers to launch a variety of Investment Funds based in the UK and Overseas Sturgeon operate an Agile Workforce whose team work on flexi time and are able to balance work and home and is a signatory to The Women’s Charter of Finance set up by the Treasury With 22 years’ experience, we are known for bespoke solutions by most UK Financial Services law firms and offer jurisdiction neutral fund formation Guidance to start ups connecting them with all the other service providers known to the firm