C5’s Virtual European Forum on Economic Sanctions Risk and Compliance (formerly London Forum on Global Economic Sanctions) returns again in February 2021 to provide you with the current state of economic sanctions restrictions. Taking in place over 3 half day, this conference is the largest sanctions gathering in Europe and top-rated event for sanctions experts.

What is New for 2021
  • Russia: Key Strategies to Navigate the Widening Gap Between US and EU Sanctions Restrictions
  • U.S.: How Will the New Biden Administration Approach US. Foreign Policy and Future US Sanctions?
  • UK: Deciphering How UK Sanctions Will Differ from EU Sanctions After Brexit?
  • China: How Banks and Exporters Should Prepare for Difficult Business Decisions When Working with Chinese Banks and Other Chinese Companies
  • Global Implications: Unravelling the Impact of the Expanding Reach of Sanctions and Tightened Sanctions Restrictions on Your Business
  • Screening 2.0: New Tools to Enhance Your Process
  • OFAC Alumni Panel: How Different Agencies Work Together on Investigations
  • Best Practices: How to Strengthen Your Compliance Process within Your Company

Benefits of a Virtual Conference

  • 15 hours of dedicated sanctions guidance
  • Conveniently scheduled over 3 half days
  • Easy access from your home office
  • Opportunity for face-to-face networking
  • Intimate “off the record” conversations with your peers