December 18, 2020 Update

Message from the COO

2020 was a year of struggle. Lives were lost, businesses shut down, working environments were disrupted and reimagined, and the constant need to safeguard against virus transmission was the common theme we all shared in this very challenging year. Despite all of this, 2020 was also a year of transformation for many.

At the C5 Group of Companies, we underwent a massive transformation – the biggest one in our 35+ year history. We realigned our teams, refocused our efforts, retrained our people and have emerged as a leader in virtual conference production and delivery. The day-to-day responsibilities of our teams has changed dramatically. What once required our logistics teams to source venues for our events, book AV, set up registration desks, expo halls and networking socials to facilitate the in person meetings between speakers, delegates, and sponsors has shifted in our virtual reality. Our teams have mastered the functionality of a brand new virtual venue, and spend their days designing programming and content and experiences that fit virtual delivery, conducting technical briefings with speakers, designing slides and chat notifications for the delivery of our virtual event line-up. Put simply, the world of the C5 teams has been turned upside down.

What has not changed however is our keen focus on quality and ensuring a superior attendee experience for every type of participant from delegate to speaker to sponsor to guest. We have now produced more than 50 virtual events ranging from 50-attendee events to over 1,000 with upwards of 50+ exhibitors. One theme runs through all our events and that is that we continue to offer attendees the superior experience that they are accustomed to with a C5 event. Here is a sample of the feedback we are hearing:

Put simply, it’s been a great week. Great speakers, presentations, topics, social, etc. It’s been everything I could’ve imagined – and more. I’ve made several new professional connections and I’ve learned so much more from incredible people.

This was my first time attending a virtual conference as an attendee, and it was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everything was seamless and very well run. I was impressed!

This conference has been wonderful! I have gained valuable professional advice and had the opportunity to network with my peers. This was an amazing accomplishment in the age of COVID, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to take part.

I was impressed by how organized and fun the conference was despite being virtual. This has been a wonderful experience.

As we reflect on the year past, one thing is for certain and that is that we have much to be grateful for. At C5, I am grateful for the resilience and dedication of our teams. When we first started out on this virtual path, there were many unknowns but we persevered, and we continue to transform and adjust every day to our new reality. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this group during our most challenging times and I am grateful to have done it with the dedicated and talented group of people who are part of C5.

With a new year comes renewal and we are hopeful that 2021 will be a transformative year filled with much to celebrate. We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

Best Wishes,

Ellen Jensen
Chief Operating Officer
C5 Group Inc.

July 6, 2020 Update

It has been more than three months since the COVID-19 crisis hit many of the countries in which we hold our conferences. It was a chaotic time and we were all clambering to figure out what it meant for each of us and our conferences.

During this time, the C5 Team did not stop trying to find new ways to stay connected, new ways to bring you our world-class speakers and content. Virtual was the only option and so we embraced it, reconfigured our teams and processes, learned the in’s and out’s of a new software and in a very short time transformed almost our entire lineup of conferences to this new ‘social-distanced’ format.

Our teams have worked so hard to accomplish this extraordinary transformation. We have already converted and delivered four virtual conferences and almost a dozen webinars. We are planning to deliver another 19 by the end of August and although nothing replaces a live event, the feedback from both delegates, speakers and sponsors has been tremendous:

Overall, great experience and CI team was on-point.

This topic is very relevant now!! The examples presented by the lawyers will help make decision makers for other related foods.

I thought the speakers were intelligent, well-spoken, and had expertise.

Great time! I enjoyed participating and sharing with others.

Overall, ACI did a great job given the format. Please keep in mind, it would definitely have been a much better overall experience in a live, in-person format. So please return to that format for next event.

We whole-heartedly agree with the final comment. We can’t wait to return to our live events because nothing replaces a handshake, impromptu conversation and making connections that you can carry for your entire career.

Today, it is good to see governments at all levels gradually relax emergency measures. As that happens, we are also making adjustments at our conferences. In the message below from May 1st, we have outlined our initial plans for our live events. We continue to evolve and grow our plan to include additional positive changes. Please check back for updates on how we are ensuring you are safety on-site.

I’m certainly encouraged by the slowing trend of COVID-19 infections across many of the regions in which we operate including Canada, USA and Europe, and the success we’ve had flattening the curve.

Each of these changes reflect the encouraging prospect of slowly regathering at a conference soon. We continue to maintain our full commitment to the health and safety of our attendees and employees.

May 1, 2020 Update

Planning Ahead for Live Conferences

We look forward to the time when we are able to welcome you back to our live conferences.

When you are ready to attend one of our conferences, you will see that a lot has changed. Social distancing and cleaning procedures that have now become a way of life for all of us are now the standard for how we will run our conferences. Our events will continue to offer unparalleled access to market leading intelligence and to the facilitation of a global exchange of expertise and now with a greater focus on the safety, health and well-being of all our guests.

As C5 Communications and our partners begin to look forward to live events in the late summer and fall months, we are committed to building and enhancing the planning and preparation with a view to offering our guests a safe place for live conference delivery.

Steps taken to protect our attendees:

Enhanced Communication
  • Advance communication to all attendees on what to expect and prepare for at the conference: from registration to conference materials to room layout to food and beverage options and more.
  • Education and training for the C5 team to ensure we provide a safe and secure conference experience.
  • Distribution of local health-resource information in advance of the event.
  • Ongoing communication and advance planning with the venue regarding enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures, response strategies and other onsite protocols.
Increased Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Placement of hygiene stations throughout the conference including the registration area, meeting spaces and high frequency areas.
  • Availability of personal hygiene and safety products including facial coverings where available.
Reduced Touchpoints
  • Reduction of the physical distribution of onsite materials.
  • Food and beverage options that ensure minimal handling and exposure. For example, buffets and water/coffee stations will not be offered.
Safety and Physical Distancing
  • Physical distancing protocols such as limiting attendance, directional signage and markers throughout the conference.
  • A conference room layout with planned seating for appropriate physical distancing.

We continue to work closely with our venue partners to ensure the safety of our attendees. Please check back frequently as we monitor and evolve our plan in the weeks ahead.

April 22, 2020 Update

A special message from C5 Group Inc.

March 30, 2020 Update

Letter from the COO

To the C5 Group of Companies’ Community,

Due to COVID-19, we are all facing an unprecedented global impact and we are actively involved in conversations about this constantly changing situation. The safety and security of our attendees, speakers, sponsors and staff members remains C5 Group of Companies’ top priority.

As a global conference provider, we are in the process of gathering feedback and evaluating different scenarios for all of our events in the next several weeks to determine the best decision for each event, including postponement, cancellation or other alternatives. We are making final decisions as soon as possible and we ask for your patience as we navigate this challenging reality.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all who have already given so much to support to our events:

  • Our conference chairs
  • The impressive line-up of speakers and panelists
  • Our diverse and loyal attendees
  • Our outstanding and supportive partners, sponsors and exhibitors

With nearly 40 years serving our various markets, we are dedicated to all of you and are diligently working to make the right decision for each of our communities.

We will be posting updates to this page as they become available. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Best Regards,

Ellen Jensen
Chief Operating Officer
C5 Communications

Still have questions? Click here to view our FAQ.

March 8, 2020 Update

The C5 Group of Companies including The Canadian Institute, American Conference Institute and C5 Communications is closely monitoring the situation and working with our venue partners to ensure the safety of our attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and staff. This, as always, remains our number one priority.

Our events are currently adhering to best practices and guidelines set forth by the WHO as well as local and national public health authorities according to the countries in which our events take place. In cooperation with our event partners and venue we will be taking all sensible steps to ensure that our conferences are proceeding safely and successfully.

  • Our venues are providing comprehensive daily cleaning schedules including the monitoring of commonly-used facilities, public and event space on a more frequent basis
  • We are adding signage regarding hygiene at key locations
  • We are following government guidance, which is to have good hand and respiratory hygiene and have introduced hand sanitizers at key locations around our conferences
  • We are monitoring World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control announcements

We strongly urge our participants to review and refer to the WHO protocols as well as local and national health guidelines related to the country in which their event takes place. Furthermore, we encourage those that are travelling to check any local travel advisories prior to making arrangements.

For any concerns, inquiries, or information about alternative participation formats, please contact the event Customer Service team.


Where can I find your latest company updates on COVID-19?

Our latest updates can be found here. We will be regularly updating this page.

Why has the conference been postponed?

After careful consideration and discussion with our key partners and input from our faculty, sponsors and delegates, we have decided to reschedule some of our events. As you can appreciate, we have made this decision out of an abundance of caution given COVID-19 concerns. The safety and security of our attendees, speakers, sponsors and staff members remains C5’s top priority.

When will the new dates for a conference be announced?

We are working diligently with our venue partners, speakers and sponsors to confirm new event dates as quickly as possible. Each conference is unique with different factors to consider but we are hoping to have new conference dates to announce within 2 weeks of postponement. Please watch for a notice in your inbox, visit our websites (, and or our LinkedIn pages (The Canadian Institute, American Conference Institute and C5) for updates.

Do I need to re-register for the new dates?

All existing conference registrations will be automatically transferred to the new conference dates. Should you wish to update or change your conference registration, please contact our customer service department. Over the coming weeks, we anticipate a high volume of calls and emails, and appreciate your patience as we work hard to respond to all inquiries.

Will registration fees be refunded?

As noted above, your registration will automatically be moved to the new dates. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we understand that travel and attendance at a conference may be uncertain. As a result, we are offering more flexible options with regards to our cancellation and substitution policies. If you do need to cancel due to a travel ban or based on regional concerns, we will provide you with a full credit for a future event.

What about flight/travel arrangements and hotel reservations?

Travel, flight arrangements and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee. We recommend you contact the airline, hotel or travel agency directly to understand their policies, transfer options and what penalty fees may apply.

I have already cancelled my registration and want to re-register. Will I get a refund for a cancellation fee I was already charged?

Any registrants who had previously cancelled their conference registration who would like to rebook for the new conference dates will be credited any cancellation fees already paid.

Will the event agenda change now that it’s been postponed?

We don’t anticipate conference agenda changes. We remain committed to delivering high quality conferences and will be working with our speakers and sponsors to confirm schedules and make any necessary adjustments to the conference programming. New updated agenda details will be shared on each conference website, via email, and our LinkedIn pages (The Canadian Institute, American Conference Institute and C5).

What is being done at the conference venues to ensure prevention of COVID-19?

In cooperation with our event partners and venue we will be taking all sensible steps to ensure that our conferences that will be proceeding do so safely and successfully:

  • Our venues are providing comprehensive daily cleaning schedules, including the monitoring of commonly-used facilities, public and event space on a more frequent basis
  • We are adding signage regarding hygiene at key locations
  • We are following government guidance, which is to have good hand and respiratory hygiene and have introduced hand sanitizers at key locations around our conferences


What if my schedule conflicts with the new conference dates?

We will contact all speakers via email to confirm the new conference dates (when available) and will make every effort to accommodate your schedule, including the possibility of remote/virtual participation. If you are no longer available to speak at the conference, we would appreciate your suggestions for alternate speakers.

I’ve submitted my session materials already. Do I need to re-do them for the new conference dates?

You may wish to update your materials as developments continue to unfold. Please rest assured that we can make any updated materials available to attendees. We appreciate the time and hard work in preparing the materials, and are committed to supporting your efforts. If you have any questions about your presentation or materials, please contact the conference producer directly. Event contact details can be found on each conference website.

Sponsors and Exhibitors:

Will sponsors/exhibitors be transferred to the new dates?

Yes, sponsors and exhibitors will be automatically transferred over to the new dates. Our business development team will reach out to you personally to confirm the transfer. If you have questions or challenges regarding this, please contact your business development representative directly. (Event contact details can be found on each conference website.)

What about services and products ordered as part of our sponsorship or booth?

We are currently working with our vendors and venue partners with the goal of making the transfer to the new dates as seamless as possible for our sponsors. We will share further information on this issue shortly. If you have questions, please contact your business development representative directly. (Event contact details can be found on each conference website.)