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Switzerland: Life Sciences 2017 Trend Analysis

Switzerland holds only 0.1% of the world’s population, but it remains a leader in wealth, exports and life sciences.  As a smaller country, Switzerland frequently looks beyond its borders, building strong international relationships and focusing heavily on exports.  Currently its largest export sector is chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech, accounting for 41% of total Swiss exports. Switzerland also houses several large multinational corporations, such as Nestle, Novartis and Sygenta, who use the region as a hub for their global networks of R&D collaborations and manufacturing.  The Swiss growth strategy is largely underpinned by an emphasis on constant innovation and internationalism. A key focus is given to collaboration with foreign researchers and also to growth in developing and transitioning countries.

With the help of Biotechgate, a global Life Sciences database covering Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and the Medical Devices industry, we have put together an overview analysis of the Swiss Life Sciences industry in 2017

This analysis includes the key activities of life sciences companies, the number of products in development and a 5 year financing report…

Download the Swiss Life Sciences Trend Analysis Here

Swiss Life Sciences Trend Analysis Presentation 2017
Source: biotechgate.com – The “Swiss Life Sciences Trend Analysis” is based on data entered in the Biotechgate Database available at www.biotechgate.com. The statistics and graphs in this presentation are based on figures and information entered in this database and we do not guarantee any accuracy hereof

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