Bart Van Wezenbeek


Bart van Wezenbeek studied biology (1988) at the Utrecht University and Dutch civil law (1994) at the University of Tilburg.

Bart has specialized in biotechnology, in particular in genetic engineering of plants and animals, in (molecular) diagnostics and microbiology. He also has experience in providing freedom-to-operate advice.

In 1997 Bart became a company lawyer. In 2001 he was also sworn in as deputy justice in the appeal court in The Hague. In addition, he is an organizer/tutor of the Dutch CEIPI course in preparation for the European qualification examination. Further, he is a member of the Disciplinary Council of the Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys, and since 2009 he has been a member of the Disciplinary Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office. He is also actively involved in the legal training of patent information specialists and company lawyers.

For VEREENIGDE, Bart is heading the search department.


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Patent Attorney , Senior associate Chemistry and Life Sciences The Hague (NL) Phone: +31 70 416 6825 Website: [email protected]