Managing Third Party & Counterparty Relationship Risks

Monday, March 11 to Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Guoman Tower Hotel, London
Monitoring Your Third Party Exposure from the Beginning to the End of the Relationship

The use of third party suppliers, distributors, freight forwarders, agents, brokers and advisors is increasingly exposing you to significant risks, commercial losses and fines through their actions. Regulatory prosecution has not slowed despite the onset of the financial crisis and regulators are requiring more and more third party relationship information to be documented. Commercial operations have also become more difficult due to increasing supplier delivery issues and fierce competition. It is imperative that you ensure your third parties and counterparties remain compliant with all regulatory and commercial requirements in order to protect your business’ reputation and profitability as well as avoid significant fines from regulatory bodies.

In these hard times however, it can be difficult to muster the resources to develop and maintain internal third party management processes, which has, across all industries, led to policy asymmetries and internal conflict. These internal challenges have made it increasingly difficult for companies speak as one voice, or communicate the right information to their third parties when seeking to ensure that they adopt the relevant compliance, delivery or other requirements. 

C5’s Third forum on Managing Third Party and Counterparty Relationship Risks will bring together a leading faculty of experienced in-house and private practice lawyers, supply chain managers, risk officers, compliance executives and government officials to take you through all risk areas and risk management strategies from the very commencement of the relationship to on-going relationship management.

Topics include:
  • Developing an integrated third party relationship management programme that include existing cross-departmental programmes
  • Maintaining robust monitoring systems based on the type of third parties 
  • Managing supplier relationships: best practice in supplier management and integrating risk and performance management 
  • How to bridge the communication gap between compliance and risk staff and those who run the business
  • Identifying key areas of concern in regards of corruption and bribery risks and working with your business partners and other third parties to minimise exposure
  • Negotiating adequate clauses in a third party contract: re-assessment, audit, monitoring and termination rights
  • Developing third party strategies: the pros and cons of rationalising your third party relationships and assessing the impact
  • Selecting the right technological tools: how to select your due diligence and other relationship management service providers
  • How to decide when to outsource or insource to third parties, what are the risks and how to manage the relationship
Complete Your Training By Attending Industry-Led Intensive Workshops: 13 March 2013

A. Finding Red Flags Mid-Contract: Practical Techniques for Conducting an Investigation without Compromising the Relationship
B. Managing Third Party Risks when Forming Joint Ventures and Local Content Issues

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