Biotech & Pharma Patent Litigation

Practical and Commercial Litigation Strategies for Monetising Your Intellectual Assets and Protecting Your Global Patent Portfolio

Tuesday, January 29 to Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam

C5’s 5th Annual Forum on Pharma & Biotech Patent Litigation brings together judges,  key regulators and distinguished in-house counsel experienced in supervising patent litigation from the world’s largest pharma and biotech companies, and their expert legal advisors from across Europe and the US. Based on their first-hand experience in recent pharma and biotech patent litigation, the expert panel will provide you with important case law updates and invaluable strategies to combat the latest challenges. 

Given the highly competitive and lucrative nature of the industry, it is more important than ever that patent/IP departments and patent attorneys stay abreast of recent court decisions on a global level, as well as current litigation tactics, to ensure they are implementing the most competitive strategies to protect and defend their patent portfolios and maximise revenues on inventions. 

The 2013 Pharma & Biotech Patent Litigation forum will focus on the latest case law developments on pharma and biotech patents across Europe and the US and will examine the impact of decisions in the national courts will impact on your litigation strategies.  You will walk away with fresh insights, tactics and tools to strengthen your litigation strategies and tailor your techniques to the latest challenges and developments to ensure that you remain competitive in today’s constantly changing patent landscape.

The expert speakers will provide guidance on:

·         The implications of Neurim and how national courts are applying Medeva

·         The latest developments regarding the Unitary Patent Court and how in house counsel and private practice lawyers are altering their business strategies in response to the proposals

·         The impact of the latest developments in US patent litigation including:

    The patentability of diagnostic methods and the USPTO interim guidance post-Prometheus

    The impact of the new AIA Act on patent litigation and the changes being made by the USPTO to their practices in response

·        The latest developments affecting patent litigation in the four key jurisdictions in Germany, the UK, Netherlands and France

·         Cross border injunctions and the extent to which it can be argued that the Solvay case marks the resurgence of the cross-border injunction

·         Practical tips on planning your multi-national strategy when managing multi-jurisdictional litigation

·         The likely fallout from the European Commission’s investigations into Servier and Lundbeck in relation to patent settlement agreements and a comparison with the approach taken by the FTC and US Courts

·         How to successfully enforce your patents in emerging markets including China


and much more…