Hear what past participants from our flagship US event have to say about their experience:

“I loved this conference. It was a great combo of work/substance and personal development.  Loved all women – it felt safe and friendly even with so much power in the room!”
“Great opportunity and time to catch up with clients and colleagues and meet new people and contacts in such a positive environment. Was exceptional.”
“I enjoyed hearing the experiences – professionally and personally – of all of the panelists. Great networking opportunity and a chance to connect and learn from very accomplished women.”
“Excellent. If law firms and law departments are serious about developing women leaders, then they’ll send them to this conference.  The who’s who of health care lawyers are here and there are multiple opportunities for informal networking and mentoring conversations.”
“The Women Leaders in Life Sciences Law conference benefits women of all levels in their career. The training and stories help guide young women lawyers as they navigate their next steps and the networking opportunities give more experienced lawyers the support they need to achieve the next level. This conference will be on my calendar every year.”
“The conference was outstanding. Both in terms of content and from a networking perspective, I found it invaluable.”
“This was a very well put together conference with a variety of engaging topics and impressive speakers. Well worth attending.”
“A life changing event which is well worth the cost…I am a better person for having attended and am truly blessed to have been part of it.”
“The event allows attendees to candidly discuss their insights and experiences in the life-sciences industry, and to connect as both as a community of life sciences professionals and women leaders.”
“This conference is one of the few events I have attended that is focused on women helping women with real-life, practical tips on how to make a significant impact on your career. Many of the speakers are willing to share stories not just of success, but stories of adversity and how to turn those situations around into successful ones. I block my calendar early, so I can be sure to attend each year.”
“Among the many women’s conferences I’ve attended, I have to say that the open, inclusive feel to this one is unique. The panel discussions are insightful, and networking events are quite enjoyable. This conference is a rewarding opportunity to meet women– both faculty and attendees– who share a common belief that strength and confidence come from supporting, uplifting and encouraging other women without fear of competition. It is a most empowering experience and I’m honored to have been a part of it.”