The Essential Qualities for Success in Compliance


Delphine Neveux is the Global Trade Compliance Director for Michelin. In this interview, Delphine shares the qualities successful compliance officers need to possess or develop, what she looks for in the hiring process and how she influences the culture of her compliance team.


Finding Valuable Mentors in the Workplace


Lisa Beth is the Assistant General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Deluxe Corporation. Lisa has responsibility over the compliance and ethics programme, data protection and information governance and cybersecurity incident and crisis response. In this interview, she gives insight into the value of mentors for career progression, how to find the right mentor for you and the ways she is encouraging her team to connect with mentors.


How To Build a Personal Brand in Compliance


Personal branding is a way to develop a ‘mark’ on the industry you work in. It can be a valuable business tool and a way for you to connect with others across the industry. It can be difficult to know where to start though, so this article shares five steps from planning, to action, to maintenance to help you craft and cultivate an effective personal brand.


The Power of Effective Coaching


As a former lawyer, current member of an executive leadership team and having served as a non-executive director, Kathryn understands the needs of businesses and the high-functioning corporate individuals that lead them. In this interview, Kathryn shares the distinctions she has noticed between male and female clients, why coaching can be highly effective for women and how to use coaching methods to improve your management style.


How To Influence a Board and Drive Compliance Initiatives Across the World


Michelle Wagner is the Asia Pacific Compliance Lead in Medical Devices for Johnson & Johnson. She leads the compliance function for medical device businesses in Asia Pacific. In this interview, Michelle gives insight into the communication strategies she uses to influence senior executives, the skills needed to navigate cultural change and how she built her brand by influencing compliance across Asia Pacific.


How Workplaces Can Support Women Returning to Work


Clare French has worked for Hitachi for over 20 years and currently holds the position of Export Control Manager. She has a wealth of experience in export control, logistics and international trade. In this interview, Clare discusses prevailing cultures of discrimination, in particular the attitudes affecting working mothers. She gives insight on how companies can better support mothers in the workplace and how she personally rises above gender bias.


Unconscious Bias and the Responsibility of Female Decision Makers


Jacquelyn MacLennan is a Partner at White & Case LLP. She focuses on EU competition law and also advises on EU customs and trade law, as well as EU regulatory requirements. In this interview, Jacquelyn discusses the challenges facing women in the workplace, what action can be taken and how better processes can support female advancement.