When is the entry deadline?
10th November 2017

How do I nominate?
You can nominate online by clicking here. You will simply need to register your details, then you can select your category and begin you submission

Can we enter if we are not based in the UK?
Yes of course, we have nominations from across the globe

Is there a word count for submissions?
Entrants have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,500 words. Further entry information and requirements will be detailed once you begin your submission

When is the judging taking place?
Judging will take place during Nov/ Dec 2017

When will the shortlist be decided?
Shortlisted finalists will be announced in January 2018

If I am shortlisted, do I need to attend the ceremony?
Yes, all shortlisted should be in attendance at the ceremony, or have a representative from their company present

When is the Awards Ceremony?
22nd March 2018

How do I book a table?
Choose your table option here and email us at awards@c5-online.com

Can we request to be sat near to a particular company?
Please send any special requests to awards@c5-online.com