Overcome your most Challenging Customs, Export Control and Sanctions Issues

As a company trading internationally, it can be incredibly challenging to stay on top of not only local trade regulations, but also those of the countries involved in your supply chain. From US and EU extraterritorial export controls and sanctions restrictions, to continuously changing customs requirements within the Gulf Cooperation Council, the international trade professional must ensure all applicable regulations are followed.

Anything less can result in costly delays, diversion risks, potential sanctions and export violations and possible profit destroying fines.

Maximise the Benefits and Increase Overall Profit through the Strategic Use of Free Trade Opportunities and New Special Certifications

It is possible for companies to save millions and increase total profits by making strategic use of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Free Trade Zones (FTZs). At the same time, companies will have the opportunity to apply for the new Authorised Economic Operator certification which comes with many benefits – from getting items through customs more quickly to potential future mutual recognition foreign AEO programmes and additional safety certification regimes.

Find out how to make the best use possible of FTAs, FTZs and certifications.

Join C5’s 3rd Advanced Conference on Trade Compliance in the Middle East to get the latest on how to comply with applicable trade and customs regulations and make the best use of duty relief and certification programmes.

Highlights include:

  • Insights on export controls, sanctions and customs from an international government speaking faculty made up of:
    • Dubai Customs
    • US Department of State
    • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
    • World Customs Organisation
  • Find out how the new Dubai Authorised Economic Operator certification works, the benefits it can bring your company and requirements for getting certified
  • Find out how your thoughts on export controls, customs and economic sanctions compare to those of your counterparts in other businesses and industries during interactive audience polling sessions
  • Join intimate, practical off-the-record discussion groups covering real life sensitive challenges on a variety of topics
  • Find out the fundamentals of US and EU export and trade controls at a specially designed Workshop
  • Plus many more!


Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry