Martin Kenney

Martin Kenney

Managing Partner
Martin Kenney & Co, Solicitors


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Professional profile

Martin Kenney is one of the world’s leading fraud and asset recovery lawyers. He is also one of 40 Who’s Who Legal’s Thought Leaders from 16 practice areas globally, was chosen by the same body as the number one offshore asset recovery lawyer worldwide in 2017, and was recipient of the high-est award given by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, with 70,000 members worldwide, The Cressey Award in 2014.

Based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Martin is founder and managing partner of Martin Kenney & Co, Solicitors. The firm’s work lies at the intersection of cross-border insolvency, creditors’ rights, and complex commercial litigation.

Martin is a practising solicitor-advocate of the senior courts of England & Wales and the Eastern Caribbean at the BVI and at St Vincent & the Grenadines; a non-practising barrister and solicitor of British Columbia; and a licensed foreign legal consultant in the state of New York.

Leading a team of lawyers, investigators and forensic accountants, Martin is widely regarded as a ground-breaker in the use of pre-emptive remedies, multi-disciplinary teams and professional litiga-tion funding in response to global economic crime, uprooting bank secrets and freezing hidden as-sets in multiple jurisdictions. He has published and lectured on money laundering, legal and ethical restraints on the conduct of private investigations, and international concealed asset recovery.

He is also a founding member of an elite network of asset recovery lawyers, ICC FraudNet, 77 leading fraud and asset recovery lawyers from 67 countries, which is administered by the Commer-cial Crime Services division of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Martin has received numerous plaudits for his work. WIRED characterized his firm as “the sharpest fraud-busters in the world”, while The Financial Times deemed him a “top international asset chaser”. The Canadian Lawyer magazine of Toronto added that “…Mr. Kenney just may be, considering his Robin Hood reputation and his bulldog legal tactics, one of the most determined and trusted lawyers around.”