Managing the Interplay between CFIUS, UK and EU Member State Regimes: Critical Updates on FIRRMA, CFIUS Reviews and Mitigation Expectations

June 9, 2022 10:45am

Dr. Thomas S. Wilson
Kirkland & Ellis (Belgium)

Steven Klemencic
Managing Director
Berkeley Research Group LLC, United States

Jonathan Panikoff
Senior Fellow
Atlantic Council
Former Director, Investment Security Group, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, United States

Kellen Ray
Policy Advisor, Office of Investment Security
Department of the Treasury, United States

  • How does meeting CFIUS requirements position transactions for approval in the EU and UK?
  • Are countries investing in the US receiving a preferred investor status?
  • The cross-over between FDI and other types of investment reviews: what to expect when the deal raises antitrust issues or involves controlled technologies, classified activities or telecommunications services
  • Assessing the unique issues that come into play when a Chinese company acquires a European company with U.S. subsidiaries
  • Mitigating security risks posed by interlinked markets and infrastructure
  • Examining the real-world impact of recent transaction reviews on both sides of the pond