Providing implementable solutions to the daily challenges you are confronted with, C5’s Life Sciences IP Summit returns this year with a cutting-edge programme, delivered by the highest ranked experts in the European Life Sciences community.

The opportunity to share specialist knowledge and best practices in an engaged community is extremely valuable for IP specialists in the life sciences sector. Global patent prosecution strategies and patent drafting techniques, preliminary injunctions and patent infringements, patent term extensions and regulatory compliance are all critical components of an industry where pharmaceutical companies are keen to protect innovation and retain their competitive advantage.

Our second iteration of the Summit arrives at a critical time for the industry with some recent landmark decisions, from Myriad onwards, casting light on the validity of biotech patents. Biotech drugs account for around 15% of the current pharmaceutical market and are recognised as a major growth area for the pharmaceutical industry. However, as resulting inventions are only as valuable as the patents they can obtain, lawyers must constantly update their knowledge to protect the value of their business.

The Life Sciences IP Summit will address all of the most-pressing issues and share the solutions adopted by those companies and those counsel who got it right.

The Life Sciences IP Summit experience provides exclusive learning, benchmarking and networking opportunities, offering unparalleled access to the leading companies in Europe. Designed for your entire in-house team, each attendee is able to create a personalised professional development agenda tailored to both their own and their company’s needs, through dedicated streams, workshops and training sessions.

Extended networking opportunities: with a large audience generating an engaged and spirited atmosphere, the Summit will offer unique and meaningful networking opportunities. Join colleagues from across Europe and make the most of your time spent out of the office by customising your learning and networking schedule in a prestigious and interactive environment.