Walking the Fine Line of Circumvention: Deciphering the Difference Between Strategic Sourcing and Tax Fraud

October 12, 2016 11:30am

Edwin Vermulst
VVGB (Belgium)

Laurens Elsen
Case Handler
DG Trade of the Commission (Brussels)

  • Under which situations is circumvention illegal versus strategic planning
  • When can you avoid duties by importing bits and pieces and re-assembling them in a location that isn’t subject to dumping duties
  • How to launch a circumvention investigation as a producer impacted by dumping
    • When to report suspected illegal circumvention and who to report it to
  • What does the EU Commission look for before launching an investigation?
  • How to comply with a circumvention investigation
  • How to apply for an exemption for trading within a country
  • Ramification for tax fraud