Participating in Trade Defence Investigations: International Perspectives How to Prepare and Get your Position Heard

October 11, 2016 2:15pm

Jodie Roussell
Head of Public Affairs
Trinasolar (Switzerland)

Stuart Newman
Foreign Trade Association (Belgium)

  • New investigation methods for anti-subsidies: what these means for upstream and downstream businesses
  • Taking part in a trade defence investigation: who has the rights to participate and when?
  • How to become part of the original investigation
  • Managing your expectations: length of proceeding
  • How to prepare
    • Documentation requirements
  • Who to involve
  • When to engage external counsel
  • What actions can a company take if they believe dumping duties were unlawfully imposed?
  • Lessons learned from past cases and investigations
    • Solar Panel case
    • Bicycle case
    • US case
  • Likelihood of success in a trade defence litigation case