Market Economy Status of China: Europe’s Trade Relations Post a Decision by the Commission

October 12, 2016 1:45pm

Christofer Fjellner
European Parliament (Belgium)

Inès Van Lierde
Chair of AEGIS Europe and Secretary General

James Kenneth Lockett
VP, Head of Trade Facilitation and Market Access
Huawei (China)

Gerhard Hannes Welge
Hearing Officer
European Commission (Belgium)

  • Current views of the EU’s stance on China’s Market Economy Status
    • Possibilities of change in this stance by the December 2016 deadline
  • Potential special methodologies that could be used if China is recognised as a Market Economy
    • How will that work in reality
  • How to navigate with China after the decision has been made as a producer? As a user of products?
  • Developing a plan B as a local producer if China’s anti-dumping duties are lowered