International Developments and Implementation of Anti-Dumping, Subsidy and Safeguard Proceedings; Ensure your Company is Not Caught Off-Guard by Foreign Trade Defence Activities

October 12, 2016 10:30am

Christofer Fjellner
European Parliament (Belgium)

  • Anti-dumping, and anti-subsidy proceedings in the EU
    • Procedure: how to navigate through the procedural complexities of trade defence investigations
    • Practical approaches: on what grounds can measures be avoided or reduced
    • The US trade defence system and how this differs from the EU
    • Practical implementation of trade defence in the US
    • Current issues under debate in the US
    • Market Economy Status of China
    • Impact of US elections on the immediate future of trade defence in the United States
  • Global angle
    • Which other jurisdictions are active in trade defence systems
    • In which countries are cases being brought in