The influx of goods entering countries at non-competitive prices has increased governments’ needs to employ trade defence measures or risk local industries being destroyed by outside competition. However, trade defence measures come at a cost to the thousands of local manufacturers that rely on materials at lower costs to make profit. The European Union and the US will be deciding their stance on the Market Economy Status of China. The EU will also be undergoing reform on the current trade defence measures. It’s vital that producers and users of key industries stay up to date with the latest changes taking place. Many feel that some current defence measures, such as the ‘lesser duty rule’ are not doing enough to protect European businesses. The decisions made in upcoming months on the future of trade defence will have a lasting impact on European producers and users of products. There is ample evidence of successful prosecutions of parties who have taken steps to avoid measures. Penalties for errors, whether inadvertent or reckless, significantly outweigh any perceived short term benefits. Therefore, it’s essential that impacted industries and their advisors ensure that they do not fall foul. This event will get the international trade community prepared to avoid any turbulence in their industry and effectively operate well in advance, rather than when it is too late.
Join C5’s 2nd Forum on International Trade Disputes to:
  • Hear from the European Commission, the European Court of Justice, the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills plus many more
  • Find out the impact of Europe’s trade relations with China on business post the decision on Market Economy Status
  • Master navigating the legal framework of international trade disputes and investigations
  • Gain practical strategies for implementing circumvention measures with minimal risks
  • Discover best practices for addressing proposed measures in any investigation and taking steps to defend the imposition of measures to minimise their impact
  • Benchmark on how to best respond to an investigation with the burden of higher levels of dumping or countervailing measures
  C5’s forum comes at this most critical stage to address all these major concerns to ensure that attendees are not only aware of the ever changing threats to your market, policy and regulation, but stay up to date and exercise extreme caution with goods, subject to dumping or countervailing measures to ensure the correct declarations and duties are made.

Venue & Accommodations

Le Châtelain Hotel

Rue du Châtelain 17, 1000, Brussel, Belgium