Day 1 - Monday, February 1, 2016

Registration and Coffee
Opening Remarks from the Chair

Stephen Ketteley
Wiggin LLP

An Industry in Flux – The Commercial and Legal Consequences of Consolidation


Robert Willis

Ivor Jones
Numis Securities

Vaughan Lewis
Morgan Stanley

Jorn Starck
Executive Director
Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Phil Brear
Gambling Commission

For a long time the threat of consolidation remained only a possibility. Now it is a reality but the long term consequences are not yet clear. This session will consider how recent mergers could impact on the shape of the market in the near and long term future plus the wider commercial and legal repercussions for all those operating within it.

  • Consideration of the mergers themselves – will they work and will they endure?
  • Will this trend be at the expense of wider innovation?
  • How will the Regulators deal with these “bigger beasts”?
  • Can the smaller Operators continue to compete in this environment?
  • What will be the wider legal consequences – licences, fees, duties?
  • Consequences of the industry contraction on software suppliers – will too few create an unhealthier market?
  • The challenge to differentiate – does it matter?
  • How will it impact on the wider industry?

What is the 4th AML Directive Trying to Achieve Across the Different Jurisdictions?

Diane Mullenex
Pinsent Masons

With some divergence beginning to appear across Europe, this session will compare and contrast the main differences to be aware of to facilitate compliance.

  • What differences in approach are emerging between EU Member States?
  • Key issues of note in specific regimes
  • Consequences of failing to fall within potential “exemptions” in the UK
    • Gaming machines and anonymity of players

European Commission Address

Harrie Temmink
Deputy Head of Unit, DG Internal Markets and Services
European Commission

  • New Cooperation Arrangement between the EEA Gambling Regulators
  • State of play infringement procedures
  • Consumer Protection
  • Betting related to match-fixing
  • Standardisation of gambling technical requirements

Morning Refreshments
New Products, Technology and Social Gaming – What are the Triggers for Regulation?

Raf Keustermans
(CEO of Plumbee)

Peter Howitt
Ramparts European Law

Fintan Costello
Managing Partner, Revenue Engineers
(Former Global Head of eGaming at Google)

Stephen Ketteley
Wiggin LLP

  • Can e-sports and fantasy gaming sit within the traditional definition of gambling?
  • What is the mutual impact of these new forms of entertainment on gambling regulation and vice versa?
  • How will gambling regulation affect how these gaming models will develop?
  • How will future gambling regulation progress in this evolving environment?
  • What is the real purpose behind regulation?

The Regulatory Landscape in Europe – Q&A with Europe’s Leading Regulators

Maria Appelman
Dutch Gaming Authority

Dr Edwina Licari
Chief Legal & International Affairs Officer
Malta Gaming Authority

Odeta Nestor
National Gambling Office (Romania)

Manuela Bandeira
Portuguese Gambling and
Regulatory Inspection Body

Teresa Monteiro
Vice President
Turismo de Portugal

Juan Espinosa
Deputy General Director

Francesco Rodano
Head of Remote Gaming
AAMS (Italy)

Nick Tofiluk
Director of Regulatory Operations
UK Gambling Commission


André Wilsenach
Executive Director of the International Center for Gaming Regulation

This interactive panel session will have Regulators from the most relevant regimes giving insight into their markets and sharing their perspectives on the key areas of discussion in the current climate.

(Delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance and a moderator will lead the discussion.)

Networking Lunch
The 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive: How do you Keep Crime out of Gambling?

Wendy Zitzman
AML Expert and Trainer
iGaming Academy

Tim Tyler
AML/Financial Crime Course Director
International Compliance Training Ltd

Ian Ince
Head of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance


Simon Airey
DLA Piper

As we progress through the first year of implementation of the 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive, the practical challenges are becoming clearer. Recent cases have highlighted ongoing compliance difficulties facing entities in the gaming industry. This session will break down day to day business issues that have emerged in the aftermath of the Directive’s introduction and offer practical advice about how to resolve them.

  • Lessons to be learned by the industry from recent cases
    • Rank decision
    • 365 adjudication
  • What are the expectations of Regulators?
  • What will the ongoing consultation of the UK Gambling Commission focus on?
  • Are Operators effectively employing the right measures to ensure they know the source of a customer’s money?
  • At what point do risks realise and become a problem?
  • How to manage those risks

Obtaining Higher Standards of Due Diligence – How to Adapt Your Priorities and Overcome the Challenges

Richard Wade
Director of Compliance and Responsible Gaming
Rank Group

  • What kind of challenges are operators facing?
  • What is “enhanced due diligence” and how can you achieve it?
  • How should you deal with customers who cannot satisfy the criteria?
  • How to adapt attitudes towards the treatment and assessment of VIPs
  • How to make enhanced due diligence the main priority over the traditional commercial considerations

New Markets – The Evolution of the Latin America Market

Samuel Martin
Asensi Abogados

  • A focus on the emerging markets of Mexico and Columbia
  • Key considerations for entering these markets
  • What are the issues and differences around payment processing?
  • How long will it take for real change to happen?

Afternoon Break
Reporting Obligations in the UK Market– Excessive or Necessary?

Andrew Cotton
Director of Betting and Gaming
Gordon Dadds

Anna Dearlove
Director of Regulatory Compliance
NYX Gaming Group

Participants from all areas of the industry will share perspectives, concerns and offer guidance on the increase in regulatory obligations and consider the different positions of all relevant industry parties.

  • What is the driver for the extent of information required?
  • What do the Authorities do with the information?
  • How to deal with the complexities of reporting suspicious activity – what to do when there is a conflict in guidance from different regulatory bodies?
  • Clarity on what exactly to report To register


Industry Expert:

Bill Gantz

Industry Expert:

Dirk Hansen

Industry Expert:

Richard Williams
Joelson Wilson

To conclude the conference, delegates will split off into roundtables to participate in interactive discussions about one or more of the following key issues concerning them.

Each roundtable will be led by industry experts.

TABLE 1 Hot topics in US Online Gaming
  • What is happening in the various states
  • The status of the ongoing litigation arising from New Jersey’s attempts to decriminalize sports betting by its licensed entities
  • The interplay of Federal law

TABLE 2 Responsible Gaming
  • The practicalities and obstacles to compliance
  • Impact of imminent changes in the industry
  • What can the industry do better to help itself?

TABLE 3 Data Privacy Challenges for the Online Gaming Industry
  • Data privacy compliance challenges in online gaming
  • Anticipated impact of the new European Data Protection Regulation
  • How to deal with player accounts

Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference | Networking Drinks Reception