Jan 27, 2017 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Moot Facilitators:

Dominic Pellew
Dentons (London-Moscow)

Sole Arbitrator:

Roman Khodykin
Partner, International Arbitration
BLP (London)

About the Moot:
This highly practical and interactive Arbitration Moot has been designed to be of particular relevance to legal practitioners involved in Russian and CIS disputes. A case study of a London-seated arbitration will be distributed in advance to participants, including summaries of written submissions and witness statements. The Moot has two Facilitators and a Sole Arbitrator
Moot Structure:
At the beginning of the session participants will be divided into two teams:
  • One acting for the claimant
  • One acting for the respondent
In addition to that, volunteers will be allocated advocacy roles. Groups will be given a period of time to prepare, under the supervision of the Moderators.
The Moot will then take place before the Arbitrator, divided into three phases: PHASE 1: Oral opening arguments (claimant and respondent) PHASE 2: Cross-examination of the claimant’s and the respondent’s witness PHASE 3: Oral closing submissions The Arbitrator will render an “award” at the end outlining reasons for the decision