EU Companies Share Top Priorities for 2020: Juggling Future Business Opportunities Whilst Mitigating Significant Sanctions Risks

November 19, 2019 9:00am

Tassilo Amtage
Director Financial Crime
UBS (Germany)

Jonathan Burke
Chief Sanctions Officer
Citibank (UK)

Helene Dewing-Kapur
Europe Head of Sanctions

  • What should European Multinationals be doing to prepare for secondary sanctions by the US to mitigate risks of being caught by their extensive extra-territorial reach
  • Benchmarking your processes and tools: facilitating identification, collection, scoring
  • Making informed decisions on essential components of risk assessments based on regulators expectations
  • Scoping your key sanctions risks exposure: geographic, industry, government
  • Probing your weak spots and uncovering new red flags for activities, transactions and schemes ensuring your protocols are constantly evolving based on changing risk profiles