FTO is a strategic exercise. As well as trying to find out what else is ‘on the market’ so that you can launch your own technology and establish Freedom to Operate, it can impact your patent strategy in the sense that it can cause you to design around or negotiate around certain competitor patents. Depending on your portfolio, you may also conduct an FTO search to detect potential infringement action, enabling actions such as starting infringement, getting interim & final injunctions, seizing infringing products and getting damages or an account of profits. As such, it is both a tool that can be used to make sure you don’t infringe – and to ensure no one is infringing your patents.

The 2014 Forum, one of C5’s leading event will gather together leading experts in the industry who will provide vital insights into the most effective ways to analyse and interpret the existing pharma patent landscape, tips on how to overcome cross-jurisdictional challenges and updates on the latest regulatory and case-law developments, in addition to emerging trends which impact upon your FTO processes.

C5’s 11th Freedom to Operate Forum brings together eminent in-house counsel from the world’s largest pharma, biotech and chemical companies and their expert advisors from a range of jurisdictions including the US, Europe and Asia. Based on their first-hand experience, the distinguished panel will provide you with invaluable information and insights on FTO with a particular focus on developments in:

Plus, add practical value to your experience when you attend the programme’s workshop on:

From research to bedside: An Activity based approach to FTO and exclusivity in drug development

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