Welcome to C5’s inaugural FRAUD AND ASSET TRACING LEADERSHIP FORUM & EVENING MIXER – an exclusive platform specifically designed to provide a limited number of leading civil fraud practitioners with a rare opportunity to spend the day discussing pertinent and challenging issues with their peers who are also leading the most high profile international fraud cases. Offering a truly unique blend of direct engagement and collaborative thinking, the dynamic roundtables will allow each and every attendee to share insights and war stories which are not always reported or published given the nature of the work that they do. Take advantage of connecting with the best in the business, some being familiar co-counsel or adversaries, and others new introductions, all of which are likely to lead to potential cross reference work. All talks will be held under The Chatham House Rules and the day will conclude with a networking Evening Mixer.


“Intense and interactive. An excellent program.”

“…excellent in all respects – speakers, networking and venue. It offers an opportunity to properly get to know colleagues and build much closer relationships.”

“The more circumscribed network actually works better than those at unwieldy large conferences.”

“C5 is by far one of my most favourite conference forums because of the high quality and calibre of the speakers and panellists. The content of the presentations is current, informative and interesting, and I enjoy meeting people it draws to the conference.”

“It is THE major event that fraud practitioners have to attend. We have seen that this year it has sold out again with 320+ attendees. The room is absolutely full and the topics are just outstanding.”

Attendance is limited.

Event Co-Located with
3 October 2019

Attendance is limited

Qualified attendees are selected and approved by the Advisory Board.

If you would like to put your name forward, please contact:

Anita Arthur – The Forum Director – C5 Communications
020 7878 6925