Making or Breaking an Asset Recovery Case

The Latest on Blending Forensic Accounting and Corporate Intelligence in Fraud Investigations

March 25, 2022 1:30pm

Barry Robinson
BDO (Ireland)

Markus Stadler
Martin Kenney & Co. Solicitors (British Virgin Islands)

Gerard Clarke
Senior Counsel
Baker & Partners (UK)

Ed Davis
Founding Shareholder
Sequor Law (USA)

In an asset recovery case, it’s very important to identify the right tools to use; consider the restraints that may be placed on their use; and, manage the associated risks. On any fraud investigation, forensic accountants will seek access to a large pool of relevant proprietary information; while the domain of corporate intelligence professionals, is to gather all the pertinent information which lies outside the premises of the company and its closest advisers.

More importantly, the ability of corporate intelligence specialists to quickly identify and retrieve reliable evidence scattered outside the company is both an important and necessary skill, and often serves to inject crucial momentum into the early stages of an investigation. Knowing that, it is critical to identify and implement the most effective tools and skills that are used to gather information in asset recovery cases, such as:

  • The ability to identify and retrieve information from a wide array of sources which may be spread across numerous jurisdictions — and in different languages
  • Being adept at analyzing, interpreting and contextualizing such information before pinpointing its relevance to the matters at hand
  • Knowing how to develop recruiting sources, sting operations, open source desktop inquiries, and bank account information procurement
  • Covert human intelligence gathering; and covert intelligence gathering by electronic means
  • Understanding how to utilize political advocacy in rule of law challenged jurisdictions