The Standalone Freezing Injunction as a Cross-Border Asset Tracing Tool

Common Law Equitable Power to Grant Interim Relief

March 24, 2022 12:15pm

Jonathan Addo
Harneys (BVI)

Andrew McLeod
One Essex Court (UK)

Olga Bischof
Brown Rudnick LLP (UK)

Boris Telyatnikov
Enyo Law LLP (UK)

Join us in this session as we discuss the significance of the Privy Council decision in Convoy Collateral v. Broad Idea, and examine:

  • The purpose of a freezing injunction in the modern context, affirming it is to prevent the right of enforcement from being rendered ineffective by the dissipation of assets against which the judgment could otherwise be enforced
  • Important guidance on the availability of freezing injunctions against third parties who hold assets potentially available for enforcement
  • How the decision safeguards the standalone freezing injunction as an important cross-border asset tracing tool
  • Some areas of uncertainty following the decision