Cryptoasset Recovery in the Age of Exchange Insolvencies

June 13, 2023 3:45pm

Sam Goodman
Twenty Essex (UK)

Saima Hanif KC
Three Veralum Buildings (UK)

Rachael Muldoon
Maitland Chambers (UK)

Bushra Ahmed
KBH (United Arab Emirates)

  • Recent years have seen numerous cryptocurrency exchange bankruptcies, with the most notable of all being FTX in November of last year. These insolvency events have led to extensive interrogation and criticism of the inner workings of exchanges by international regulators with implications for those in the sector.
  • Be sure to join us in this session as a panel of global experts will explore how exchange customers can potentially identify and recover their cryptoassets deposited with exchanges when they subsequently become subject to liquidation or another insolvency process.