Offshore Secrecy Uncovered: The Winners and Losers

October 29, 2018 9:15am

Discussion Leader

Claire Goldstein
Harneys (BVI)

Stephen Baker
Senior Partner
Baker & Partners (Jersey)

Peter Maynard
Senior Partner
Peter D. Maynard, Counsel & Attorneys (Bahamas)

Ashanti Arthurs Martin
Balderamos Arthurs (Belize)

Kick off this year’s event with a cruise around key offshore jurisdictions as a multijurisdictional set of top experts shares their views on corporate structures and beneficial ownership in the offshore context and how this affects fraud proceedings and asset recovery in key jurisdictions

  • Shedding light on “traditional” offshores: Where will the money go next?
  • Corporate structures, beneficial ownership and tax disclosure rules in the offshore context: What should lawyers be doing right now to manage their clients’ concerns for privacy and possible reputational damage
  • Public register of beneficial ownership
  • Actions involving civil remedies for fraud
  • Freezing and disclosure orders