Knowledge, Organisation and Chaos – Are Lawyers Blind?

March 14, 2019 9:10am

Robert Hunter
Founder and Trustee
City Disabilites (UK)

Lawyers are trained and perhaps predisposed to find, invent and understand rules. A good lawyer is often described as someone who can do all three. But when does our rule based thinking hinder us in what we do? Do we structure our legal teams and firms sensibly or do we just act on the same fundamental misunderstandings about the world around us?
  • Are lawyers alert to the dangers of organisational thinking?
  • Do we delude ourselves as to the benefits of legal experience in fraud litigation?
  • What mistakes do we make about fraud prevention?
  • Are there some lessons that we are wired not to learn?
Robert Hunter’s opening lecture has become an institution in the C5 Fraud and Asset Recovery series, relevant to those involved in fraud litigation from all disciplines and jurisdictions. This year’s lecture will continue from last year’s. Drawing from disciplines ranging from medicine, finance, mathematics and meteorology, the talk will consider whether our working methods are the result of our insight into, or blindness to, the market in which we operate.