De-risked Strategies for Recovering Losses from Defective and Inappropriate Financial Products

Nov 25, 2015 1:45pm – 

Hanif Virji
AHV Associates LLP

Neil Purslow
Therium Capital Management Limited

This Master Class will provide guidance on all aspects of recovering losses from the sale of defective and inappropriate financial products starting with identifying potential claims through to how to de-risk the prosecution of those claims and how to achieve a successful outcome. The session will also cover alternatives to claiming, such as selling potential claims. Drawing on the leaders’ extensive experience in funding and prosecuting financial services litigation, the session will cover:

  • How and where do claims arise?
  • What kinds of financial products are giving rise to claims currently?
  • How to identify potential claims
  • How can the prosecution of claims be de-risked?
  • What are the options for dealing with costs and risk: litigation funding, contingency fees and insurance
  • Obtaining and working with litigation funding in financial services cases; what do these mean in practice?
  • What are the strategies for achieving a successful and economic result?
  • What are the alternatives to claiming?
  • Monetising potential claims
  • Recent practical case study. Lessons to be learnt