SME Interest Rate Hedging Products – FCA Review Scheme

November 25, 2015 11:30am

Abhishek Sachdev
Derivatives Expert
Vedanta Hedging Ltd

Jeremy Roe
Bully Banks

  • The mis-selling of interest-rate hedging products: the mis-sale and the failures in the FCA Redress Scheme. Lessons to be learnt.
  • Legal challenges to decisions in the Redress Scheme – 
Judicial Review proceedings against the Skilled Persons (first stage permission decision in Holmcroft Properties vs. KPMG and Barclays) and the potential liability of banks and the banks’ advisors arising from their conduct of the Redress Scheme (Suremime vs. Barclays)
  • Consequential losses 
- foreseeability and causation within the Redress Scheme
  • An update on the latest derivative cases being brought against financial institutions in the UK by UK Corporates: trends, key factors in the cases, types of transactions
  • LIBOR Manipulation, ISDAfix and FX Manipulation – the effect on litigation