Dealing with Multiple Regulators and Investigators in Multiple Jurisdictions

November 25, 2015 2:30pm

Speaker TBC

  • Multiple jurisdictions and multiple timetables: where are your potential claimants and what claims are they likely to be brought against your organisation? What do different regulators require in respect of statements of historic conduct?
  • Public statements to a national regulator in one jurisdiction: What claims could be arising in another jurisdiction?
  • Responding to the increasing level of cooperation between national enforcement agencies, regulatory watchdogs and prosecutors from different countries
  • Assessing the cumulative impact of multiple regulatory changes on your balance sheet; the supporting business and operating models
  • The importance of integrating stress testing methods into board-room level decision making
  • Implementing large scale change programmes to create synergies between regulatory compliance, risk and finance functions to respond more effectively to the global and national regulatory change
  • Information sharing and difference in privilege rules across jurisdictions