“ The scale of misconduct in some financial institutions has risen to a level that has the potential to create systemic risks ”

Mark Carney, The Governor, Bank of England

Financial markets and new products continue to evolve rapidly against an ever tightening regulatory backdrop. The recent and ongoing probes and investigations by national and global regulators, coupled with a sharp escalation in the number of claims by disgruntled clients, are resulting in a high stream of litigation and massive regulatory fines and penalties. Misconduct, when it comes to light, can lead to costly legal battles, criminal liabilities and reputational devastation. The revelation that a number of institutions are being investigated by regulators across the globe raises an alarming spectre of copycat litigation across multiple jurisdictions.

The total cost of litigation for the 16 largest global banks since 2010 equals a record £205.6bn of fines, settlements and provisions – up almost a fifth from the previous year (Source: CCP Research Foundation Annual Study)

LIBOR fixing is a hot topic in particular with the Hayes “game changer” verdict that is dividing opinion. The conviction paves the way to for more individuals being charged. With the slew of high-profile cases currently going through the Courts, it is widely predicted that the worst of the litigation is still to come.

Building upon C5’s stellar reputation for regulatory enforcement events, this timely conference will focus on the most complex legal and business challenges affecting high risk investigation and enforcement areas for financial institutions.
Benefit from thought leadership on contentious regulatory issues delivered to you directly by regulators, claimants and defendants including:

  • Toughening the regulation around rigging benchmarks without impairing their usefulness
  • Formulating an effective response to damages claims resulting from cartel findings
  • Confidentiality, privilege and disclosure of communications between financial institutions and regulators
  • Fair Markets Review and possible regulatory litigation response
  • The implications of recent landmark cases on the concept of contractual estoppel
  • LIBOR criminal prosecution and actions against individuals
  • Criminal violations in connection with a global FX manipulation scheme
  • Mis-selling of interest rate swaps by reference to Libor and possible unwinding of a legal settlement
  • Actionable measures to prevent a corporate culture being dominated by “a few bad apples” and to turn traders into the first line of defence against possible breaches in regulatory compliance
  • Responding to the increasing importance of cyber security inspections from the regulators

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PRACTICAL WORKING GROUP – Tuesday, 24th November
Individual Accountability Regime: 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Satisfy the Regulators and Still Protect Your Firm and its Staff

PLUS! EARLY RISER MASTER CLASS – Wednesday, 25th November
De-risked Strategies for Recovering Losses from Defective and Inappropriate Financial Products

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