Regulatory Changes

Right now, customs leaders throughout the Member States are meeting regularly to finalise the implementation legislation for the Union Customs Code, with a goal of completing the task by the end of the year.

Once this is complete, customs professionals throughout the UK and Europe need to be poised and ready to respond in what will be the biggest changes to customs regulations in over 20 years. 

Find out the latest updates on the implementing legislation and plan  for the Union Customs Code

Duty Relief Programmes

From the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to Inward Processing Relief and GSP countries, companies are looking for the best methods possible for minimising customs duties. However, taking advantage of duty relief programmes can often be complicated and non compliance could invalidate all of the benefits.

Take home practical strategies to ensure your company is getting the most from duty relief schemes

Classification, Valuation, AEO and Beyond

From the most seasoned expert to those new to customs, there will always be questions on specific and complex key issues from determining the correct classification and valuation of an item to safeguarding against origin marking mistakes and keeping up to date with changes to regulations in the varies jurisdictions where you trade.

Benchmark your customs compliance practices to strengthening internal procedures


Attend C5’  Advanced Forum on Customs Compliance: Held in Partnership with the HMRC to get the answers to your most complicated customs issues.

The brochure of the Forum is now available. To make sure you receive your copy please contact Anna Keable on