The legal profession is in a period of turbulence and transformation Automation and technology are becoming more utilised in the legal sector to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are being billed as the next industrial revolution and the legal profession will change in a way that has never been seen before.

Is the legal sector ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Many law firms choose not to be early adopters of new technologies. But the techniques of cognitive technologies are already– improving service to clients, reducing costs, and creating new opportunities for firms.

What can you expect in upcoming years?

Cognitive technologies in the law are prompting an ever-greater demand from clients for cheaper, faster, better services. What does that mean?

  • Cheaper Save money on resources and manpower by implementing the latest technology
  • Faster – Companies measure cycle time, time to market, and other indicators of speed throughout their businesses, and increasingly expect their lawyers to do the same.
  • Better – This is critical. Big companies face regulatory and operational complexity for which traditional legal services on the medieval, master craftsman model are simply inadequate.

How to respond to innovation in the Legal Sector?

To meet those needs and in a world of overwhelming choice of technologies, will give you the information you need on which technology is right for you and your firm.

C5’s expert Forum on AI and RPA in the Legal Sector, taking place July 4-5 in London, will bring together law firms, in-house counsel and legal tech companies, providing key insights into the latest technologies and how you can implement them to drive innovation; enhancing your performance and saving time and money.

Forum on AI and RPA in the Legal Sector

Designed specifically with lawyers in mind, AI and RPA in the Legal Sector forum will cut out the technical jargon giving you digestible, easy to understand information on how technology can benefit your daily work.

This Conference will host industry-leading speakers from across the globe to explore:

  • How law firms are implementing AI and RPA. Hear real life case studies, and get expert advice on how to apply revolutionary tools and technologies to your business
  • Enhancing value for clients. How technology can supplement work rather than replace it, increasing client proposition
  • The impact of new technologies on charging models. Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives to the billable hour
  • And much more…

Are you ready for the revolution in the Legal Sector?

The prevalence of AI and RPA in the legal sector is inevitable. Download free your agenda, join your peers now and don’t get left behind!