Focus on Internal Investigations: Planning for, Managing Data Constraints, Remediation and Disclosure

October 19, 2016 3:00pm

Jason Masimore
Kobre & Kim

  • What triggers an investigation – starting points and sources of information
  • What the investigative process should look like: How to properly assess the potential risks and define the scope of the internal investigation appropriately
  • How far you can go when interviewing witnesses and suspects, and what rights do they have?
  • How to leverage technology, data analytics to improve investigative outcome
  • Coordinating the investigation between the company’s outside counsel and accounting firms
  • Obtaining information crucial to the investigation while complying with confidentiality clauses, privacy and data protection laws
  • Preserving data/ documents: How to ensure key documents and data are preserved throughout the process
  • Deciding when the investigation has been exhausted: What the judges will expect you have on file
  • Determine what to do with the results of the investigation when you decide to disclose any wrongdoing. How to report findings/potential violations to both local and foreign regulators