C5’s Forum on Anti-Corruption for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry

Taking Your Anti-Corruption Compliance to the Next Level across the Globe

In the light of the current crackdown on pharmaceutical industry in China, the latest involving Eli Lilly, and continued investigation from the FCPA of many pharmaceutical and medical devices companies outside of the U.S; companies in Europe cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to self-regulation. In addition, as global regulators tighten their laws on combatting bribery and corruption activity, the most recent changes coming from Russia and Brazil; there has been an increased focus on transparency and disclosure requirements. With the increased of exposing your controls to scrutiny, your organisation cannot afford to not have the right regional standards on healthcare spending, sales activity and more.
With potential scrutiny resulting in fines, criminal liability, reputational damage and the loss of business to your competitors, it is imperative that you, as a key legal, compliance, sales, marketing or human resources stakeholder within your organisation, fully understand the implications of your actions; and are prepared to identify and manage corruption risks wherever they arise.

Don’t miss C5’s forum on Anti-Corruption for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry, which will bring together leading industry professionals and officials from across the globe to discuss the most contentious corruption and transparency issues relevant to your operations.

This exceptional event will feature not only presentations on the latest changes; and round-table discussions the critical subjects that require in-depth discussion.

Key topics include:

  • Strategies for success in executing your anti-corruption programme globally
  • Developing a compliant sales and marketing force across borders
  • Establishing a comprehensive reporting programme to meet transparency laws
  • Third party management: conducting effective selection due diligence and post-contract surveillance
  • Reinforcing company compliance with HR as a key stakeholder
  • New bribery and corruption legislation in key emerging markets: Russia, Brazil and how they will impact your business
  • Taking your compliance training to the next level: testing, e-learning and more

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