WORKSHOP A | Anti-Corruption Case Refresher: A Look Inside the Key Cases & Practical Compliance Lessons for Your Global Programme

Jun 17, 2019 9:00am - 12:30pm



Matthew Getz
Boies, Schiller & Flexner (UK) LLP

Robertson Park
Murphy & McGonigle, USA

Jonathan J. Rusch
Adjunct Professor
Georgetown University Law Center, USA

What is it about?

(Registration & Coffee Start at 08:30 am)


At this practical session, expert faculty members will delve into the complexities of key and recent enforcement matters toward imparting real-life lessons for industry moving forward. With an increasing global dimension of enforcement actions, this working group will provide helpful insights on the ins and outs of significant cases, and how to leverage the lessons learned to better enhance your compliance programme moving forward. Participants will benefit from smaller-group learning, enhanced Q & A and reference materials prepared by the expert speakers. Topics will include:

  • Recent cases impacting the future of FCPA and UK Bribery Act settlements to date
  • The “anatomy” of a bribe: What has triggered suspicion and a government investigation
  • A deep dive into key investigations and settlements, and what they reveal about DOJ, SEC, SFO’s expectations
  • DOJ changes to Yates Memo
  • Industries that are increasingly under the microscope in recent memory
  • Which cases have led to an SEC settlement, but a DOJ declination
  • Which circumstances have led to declinations, DPAs and NPAs
  • Trends in settlements, including penalty structures and remediation requirements
  • Insights on DOJ and SEC coordination with foreign enforcement agencies
  • The Scope of a global cooperation among agencies including UK, Brazil, Singapore, France, Switzerland, The Netherland, Cyprus, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Norway, the Isle of Man, Turkey,
  • How agencies have interpreted “cooperation” in multiple government investigations
  • Lessons learned for mitigating enforcement risks and interfacing with the agencies
  • How to leverage the key lessons from settlements toward effecting compliance improvements in your organisation
  • New priorities for the US and UK enforcement investigations: the year of the individual?
  • Challenges in coordinating investigations and the defence in multiple jurisdictions; double jeopardy, privilege and privacy