Building A Strong Compliance Function in Italy: How the Compliance Department Should Engage with the Business to Obtain Crucial Internal Support

Nov 7, 2016 10:00am – 1:00pm

Antonio Buonafine
Regional Compliance Officer Corporate Function Compliance
Thyssenkrupp Group

Fosca Camatta
Lead Country Compliance Officer
Siemens (Italy & Greece)

Francesca Boccia
Thomson Reuters

The compliance function is now taking off in Italy, but businesses are often not fully prepared to put together the compliance department with the right set of skills to allow it to operate properly. Equally, the compliance function must learn to work in a way that facilitates rather than impedes the business activity while ensuring that there is compliance with laws and regulations across the organisation. Through scenarios and practical examples, the workshop will provide solutions for implementing a smooth, working and reliable compliance function that can provide a truly added value to the organisation.
  • What resources and structures are necessary?
  • How the compliance function’s responsibilities trickle down the organisation from the headquarters to the subsidiaries – pros and cons of designating a local compliance officer
  • How to define the reporting obligations and accountability of the compliance function
  • Common elements of the compliance officer’s potential liability
  • How the compliance function interacts with other functions in the organisation such as Legal, Internal Audit, Ethics, Finance and the business units
  • The supervision of the compliance programme by an executive or a supervisory body