STREAM B LEGAL FOCUS: Domestic and International Crucial Updates Your Legal Department Must Know

November 9, 2016 10:01am

Lorenzo Maria Di Vecchio
Global Compliance Counsel

Giovanni Monteverde
Vice President Legal & Compliance Middle East & Africa
Alstom Transport

Jean Paule Castagno
Clifford Chance

Vittorio Colombo
Partner, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services
EY (Italy)

Bruno Cova
Paul Hastings LLP

Massimo Proietti
Head of Internal Audit
Istituto Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato

Livia Panozzo
Anticorruption and Transparency Responsible

Facilitated by:

Andrea Parrella

231 Sentencing System: How to Provide to the Board of Directors with a Legal Risk Assessment for Preemptive Measures, Requisition and Other Sanctions
  • Understanding pre-emptive measures for risks in order to provide advice to the BoD
  • The extraordinary management of the company decided by the Anticorruption Authority: what is its applicability and how to avoid it
  • How to calculate the risk of requisition in financial terms
  • What can requisition/confiscation target?
  • How to address the individual liabilities of directors, executives, legal and compliance/control functions for corruption allegations
  • When does the risk of debarment from doing business with the public sector arise and how to mitigate it
Economic Sanctions Risks: Screening Procedures and Protocols to Reduce Risk Exposure amid Rapidly Evolving Restrictions
  • What business transactions are currently allowed under the current US and EU sanctions regime?
  • What transactions and relevant licences are available? – Who can submit the licence application?
  • How to conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential sanctions risks
  • Mapping relevant country-specific and transactions-specific risks in your industry
  • Where exporters and banks have more often gone wrong in assessing sanctions risks
  • Creating and maintaining tailored compliance risk assessment tools adapted to industry risk factors
  • Reporting findings to compliance officers, audit committees and legal counsels
  • Developing a risk based approach to compliance programme audits and monitoring of key controls
Networking Coffee Break
International Operations: How to Extend Your 231 Model to Foreign Branches and Subsidiaries in a Cost-Effective Way
  • What are the risks to monitor when expanding exports and sales operations?
  • Key challenges and best practices for an anti-corruption integrated group policy
  • Looking for aggregated red flags in an international context: how to integrate your organisation risk assessment procedures
  • What an international compliance standard and a global compliance programme should look like?
  • Confronting compliance models: centralised v. decentralised – where are the cost saving opportunities?
Whistleblowing and Self Reporting: Lessons Learned from International Experiences
  • The OCSE 2014 Foreign Bribery Report and the role of the corporation cooperation
  • The recent “US DoJ “pilot program” on credit for voluntary disclosure
  • Sanctions and mitigations for the cooperation and internal investigations
  • Does the Italian system in law 231 work?