Self Laundering and its Relationship with Corruption: Detecting, Assessing and Addressing Self Money LaunderingOffences in the 231 Model

November 8, 2016 9:45am

Maurizio Arena
Avvocato ed esperto 231

Ilaria Brioschi
Head of 231 Supervisory Body Support & Anti-corruption – Compliance Italy

  • What pre-requisite crimes trigger self-money laundering?
  • Conducting a thorough risk assessment: what measures and tools are available to detect, assess and prevent self-money laundering?
  • How existing anti-money laundering controls can be utilised to map this different offence
  • What level of control is expected by enforcement agencies and the prosecutors?
  • How to keep track of these controls for the future benefit of prosecutors without burdening business activity
  • Addressing the challenge of monitoring this crime when the power of attorney gives unlimited power to approve expenses, costs or payments
  • Communicating this new offence internally to all employees and providing effective training on do’s and don’ts when operating