Internal Controls and Compliance within the Public Sector Coordinating between Different Control Centres in Public and Public-Participated Enterprises

November 9, 2016 2:50pm

Livia Panozzo
Anticorruption and Transparency Responsible

Massimo Proietti
Head of Internal Audit
Istituto Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato

  • Differences and similarities between law decrees 231/2001 and 190/2012: National Anti-Corruption Plans and 231 models. Where do practical challenges arise? Do you need two separate compliance models?
  • Anti-corruption officer, transparency officer, compliance officer, Supervision Body, internal audit, external audit, OIV (Independent Evaluation Organism): how does the relationship between different control centres work in public companies?
  • How should a state-participated company carry out anti-bribery controls?
  • Law decree 33/2013: how state-participated companies implement new transparency requirements given their private company nature
  • Understanding and addressing cultural challenges within the public sector
  • How to protect the integrity of the anti-bribery officer in the workplace