An Update on Italian and International Corruption Cases. Substantial and procedural Aspects Pursuant to D. Lgs. 231/2001

November 9, 2016 9:15am

Prof. Avv. Angelo Giarda
Lawyer and Professor of Criminal Procedure
Catholic University of Milan, Italy

Enrico Maria Giarda
Studio Legale Giarda

  • Rome Council and Cooperatives: where are the investigations now?
  • Lombardia healthcare and the private sector: what are the legal limits and interpretation of political parties support?
  • EXPO a year later: what lessons to learn?
  • Shell, ENI, Total in Basilicata: understanding the legality of corporations’ involvement in public events and the boundaries of lobbying in the public prosecution’s eye
  • Saipem and Techint in the Brazilian Petrobras saga: involvement, risks, liabilities
  • 231 and extraterritoriality: Saipem in Nigeria and the specific corporate liability affirmed by the Supreme Court
  • How did the Supreme Court evaluate the 231 model: what was the element which determined the company’s liability?
  • Shell in Nigeria: a foreign company giving bribes outside Italy. How the Italian jurisdiction and extraterritorial enforcement have been affirmed?