7th Advanced European Forum on Anti-Corruption

28th- 29th January 2014

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt, Germany



Despite most companies operating in Europe having anti-corruption compliance programmes in place, violations are still occurring.  New government investigations are being announced almost daily from around the globe and companies are receiving staggering fines.  Nevertheless, companies such as Zimmer Inc., DynCorp and 3M have been able to go up against the prosecutors and prove that they had sufficient measures in place to prevent corruption.

Anti-corruption compliance is a constantly evolving target. Simply having a compliance programme in place is not enough. Companies need to go beyond the measures they have been taking previously and enhance their internal controls, strengthen their third party due diligence and implement watertight internal auditing practices.

Every January, hundreds of in-house counsel, ethics and compliance executives, forensic accountants, internal auditors, white collar crime and anti-corruption lawyers from around the globe choose to attend the most advanced and comprehensive anti-corruption event on the market.

Join your peers at this world renowned event and find out the latest tactics your competitors are using to protect themselves from anti-corruption violations.

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