A Conference Like No Other in Australia.

Find Out How to Harmonise Compliance & Risk Management in a Diverse and Complex Regulatory Maze

Across the Asia-Pacific region, multinational companies are facing the threat of multi-million dollar fines due to allegations of corruption. Investigations initiated by Australian, Chinese and other regional authorities are quickly being picked up by the US Department of Justice and the UK Serious Fraud Office. As part of our award-winning Global Compliance and Anti-Corruption series, C5’s 3rd Annual Australian Anti-Corruption, Compliance & Risk Management Summit delivers a programme designed, through in-depth industry research, to enable legal counsel and compliance officers to manage and harmonise a diverse range of corporate governance issues in the region.

In an ideal forum for networking, share experiences of cutting-edge risk mitigation strategies and compliance programs, and explore the challenges of doing business in a rapidly changing and tightening Asia-Pacific enforcement environment, including:

  • What the Latest Investigations Reveal About How Your Company Should Prepare to Meet Rising Government Expectations
  • Controlling Bribery Risks When Interacting with Influential Local Decision-Makers
  • What Your Risk Assessment Process Should Look Like to Identify Diverse and Interconnected Local & International Risks From Anti-Corruption to Anti-Trust
  • Practical Impact of the Privacy Act Amendments on Your Organisation
  • Responding to Tangible and Practical Gifts & Hospitality Challenges in the Asia-Pacific
  • How Global Compliance Programs are Evolving and How to Select the Ideal Structure for your Company’s Greatest Risks