The premier conference in the region for networking and global compliance benchmarking

Network with Nordic’s local and international business and compliance community. Experts from the Nordic countries, Germany, Russia, China, the UK and U.S. will discuss critical issues affecting your business and meaningful chances for compliance best practices.

  • General Counsel
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Corporate Counsel
    • Sustainability
    • International Trade Counsel
    • Trade and Regulatory Counsel
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ethics Officers
  • Directors, Internal Audit
  • Directors, Import Export Compliance
  • Directors, Business Conduct International Contract Managers
  • Directors, Corporate Audits and Investigations
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Outside Counsel specialising in:
    • Corporate Compliance
    • White Collar Crime
    • Internal Investigations
    • Corporate Governance
    • Dispute resolution