Reputational Risk

The Unwritten Lessons for Reputational Risk and Crisis Management: Recent Examples of Successes and Missteps-and Hidden Pitfalls to Avoid

September 20, 2022 11:45am


Dylan G. Moses
K&L Gates LLP

Osmar Jose Benvenuto
Managing Director & Head of Financial Crimes Risk
Morgan Stanley
Former Deputy Chief, Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney’s Offices, U.S. Department of Justice

  • How reputational risks have evolved for financial institutions, corporations and individuals
  • Rethinking reputational risk management amid geopolitical shifts, a rise in shareholder activism, public pressures and enforcement developments
  • The evolving role of legal and compliance in managing reputational risk
  • Managing the reputational aftermath of regulatory disclosures and government investigations
  • Special considerations for addressing reputational risks arising from anti-bribery and FCPA investigations and settlements
  • Implementing Board and Audit Committee priorities, including anti-bribery, ESG and emergency preparedness