Multi-Jurisdictional Government and Internal Investigations: Critical, New Lessons on Self-Disclosure, Remote and In-Person Investigations and Cooperation with the Agencies

September 15, 2020 2:30pm

Joshua Drew
Former Group Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, VEON

Giovanni Paolo Falcetta
TozziniFreire (Brazil)

Satnam Tumani
Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Benefit from a unique opportunity to ask your questions and gain worthwhile strategic insights for confronting new challenges coming across your desk. The discussion will include a special focus on the practical challenges affecting legal practitioners and compliance professionals, and how they are addressing them.

  • How to assemble the team, determine the scope and engage different departments while ensuring that there is independence in the process
  • Who should perform the internal investigation: Audit vs. Legal/Compliance?
  • When to use external resources vs. keep it in-house
  • Efficiency in staffing, discovery, technology and more
  • Mining and interpreting data during compliance monitoring, audits and investigations
  • What should go on “paper”
  • How to deal with inconclusive findings and avoid any perceptions of “an unsatisfactory” investigation
  • Fulfilling recommendations post-investigation
  • The most important factors that should drive disclosure considering recent global enforcement developments
  • How to communicate with local authorities regarding a potential violation – What protections are provided to the company?
  • The practical impact of disclosures on foreign corruption investigations: When a local disclosure can now be used against you by a foreign government
  • Balancing disclosure obligations while preserving privilege